Preserving Chillies by Drying

Filius Blue

I don’t usually dry my pods as I prefer fresh Chillies, used as I need them picked fresh, and in fact last year I didn’t dry any.  This season though I decided to have a go and see what results I get. My lovely wife is official hand model for this one.

I mentioned in my post on Chilli oil that later in the growing season you can have a lot of Chillies that you want to use or store – after all, why waste all the hard work of growing & nurturing your plants only to let them rot away. Usually I freeze my excess Chillies and I still have some left from last years bumper yield of Cayenne impressiveness!

Well, with lots of my Chillies this year peaking at the same time I sprung into preservation action with very simple apparatus:

Chillies of course – A thin sewing needle – Basic cotton.

Being Careful not to spike herself with the needle Astra threaded it through the stems of each Chilli one by one, tying a loop before moving to the next one.

Stringing up Chillies for drying

I used my ever reliable Culinary Thai & Filus Blue and together they create a lovely aesthetic look to the whole thing. (I have Scotch Bonnets maturing at the moment and I’m very excited – post to follow soon)  This is another reason that i have to find ways to store my current Chillies because when I am harvesting the SB’s I will be using very different methods to use and preserve them.

Having finished the process we were left with 10 plus ripe Chillies prepped for drying. Choosing a place to hang them isn’t as fool proof as you may first think. They need to be in a warm or hot room that has minimal moisture, so places like the kitchen and bathroom no matter how warm are no good. They must be exposed to a dry heat. Some people put them in the hot press by the boiler but I think that is a shame as you don’t have the pleasure of seeing your spoils displayed, which I find lovely & homely. Also they should be well ventilated so I wanted to avoid letting them rest against a wall.

I chose the warmest room in our wee house, our living room,  The picture below is from my wife holding them up to show how they look all hanging together.

Drying out my Chillies

I plan to use my dried Chillies for a different version of Chilli oil and for Chilli Flakes to sprinkle on Pizzas.  I would love to hear other peoples methods of drying Chillies and what their favourite use of them are. I hope my method has been informative. Chillininja

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2 thoughts on “Preserving Chillies by Drying

  1. Astra says:

    I think drying excess chillies are a great option, its nice to have some ready chopped up in a jar to just sprinkle on whatever you want. Also they look really cool! Great instructions :)

  2. […] A fantastic way to preserve your precious chillies, especially if you have lots of pods that need harvesting and you don’t want to waste them. It’s perfect, all you need to do is pick them and there are various common sense ways of drying them – you just need to choose one that suits you and your space. The most popular technique would be to string them together and hang them up, I’ve previously posted about this here. […]

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