Dried Chillies (Update!)

Last month I posted my method for drying out some excess Chillies that I had accumulated.  Well this is how they look today!  They have been hanging up in the warmest room in my house for nearly six weeks. I’m so fascinated how they look and the Filius Blue are especially intriguing. Just by the feel of them however, I would say they are still not 100% dry but I will monitor their progress very closely over the next few weeks. I’m sure there is a faster way of drying Chillies but as you may know this blog, and my growing style are all about low maintenance care free techniques that also produce great results!

Watch this space!

I have always loved dry Chillies on pizza and I look forward to having a nice collection to use in culinary delights in the near future. If these work out I will probably grow a greater, dedicated quota next year just for drying purposes. At the moment my wife & I are starting to collect various glass jars as decorative storage for our dream kitchen, so I aim to have one filled with dry Chillies which I think would look lovely indeed.

Do any of you have specific ways you like to combine dry Chilli & cooking, I’d love to hear.

Chilli Ninja

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2 thoughts on “Dried Chillies (Update!)

  1. Oh, that will look beautiful in a jar. I use dried chillies in a lot of cooking, especially pasta sauces like a seafood linguine or spicy creamy chicken sauce. Also good for soups, like my Tuscan spicy tomato soup. And of course curries and things like that. Wow, enjoy!

    • Chilli Ninja says:

      Thanks for the great recommendations Vered! I love my sauces so your spicy creamy chicken sauce sounds brilliant, also we eat a lot of pasta too. I’m soo excited to see them in a big jar :)

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