How to Preserve Chillies in Ice Cubes

A lot of my efforts are going into end of growing season preservation, and my wife came up with the brilliant idea of freezing diced Chilli into ice cubes!

I have frozen Chillies before and I still have some Cayenne’s in my freezer from last years crop, but not all varieties react well to being frozen & then thawed to eat. For example all pods will almost definitely loose the crisp skin that fresh ones have, but they will retain the heat. So, as they may no longer be great for sprinkling on top of certain dishes as a garnish, they will still serve their purpose in adding spice to food.

I have read that a lot of the success in freezing comes down to the thickness of the pod skin. In that generally, thick walled Chillies don’t do as well as they have more water/moisture stored inside them, which cause extra damage to the outer skin when it freezes – in short the water turns to ice and pierces the pod wall, so when they thaw they are quite ‘mushy’.

This is why Cayenne’s are great for freezing as they are a thin walled Chilli.

Since I’m dealing with Scotch Bonnets I wanted to try this method of dicing them and freezing them in the same way of the standard ice cube. This has a few advantages in that I store multiple pods in a small space and also when I am ready to use them I can just pop the cube in with the rest of my ingredients and cook away!

So there you have it! I have three more Chilli ice cubes to go with two I did a few days ago. I will do a post when I use them in a future spicy dish!

Have you ever frozen Chillies, or do you always use fresh/dry Chillies? I’d love you hear of any other unique ways to freeze or store your pods. Chilli Ninja

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6 thoughts on “How to Preserve Chillies in Ice Cubes

  1. Great idea! Nice pics too! Do you also make chilli oil?

    • Chilli Ninja says:

      Thanks Vered! Yes I’m using it all the time, STILL! I have kept it in the fridge which has made it last so long. Generally it would be used up in a few weeks before going off but mine is still going strong and very spicy :)

  2. Great idea to preserve the flavour. You could also do a mixture with herbs, eg chilli and coriander.

  3. Such a good idea and it looks fantastic!

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