2012 – year of the Chilli

Chilli Ninja Chilli

Yay! Well it’s the start of a fantastic new growing season which I’ve been soo excited about all winter. I had a fantastic Honeymoon with my beautiful wife, so I’m back all refreshed and ready to get stuck in. It’s time to set out my strategy for an abundant mix of exciting, exotic Chillies that will be the source for lots of culinary delights thoughout 2012. Last year I learned so much about storing my chillies through various methods, as well as adding to my very modest cooking/baking knowledge with experimental spicy eats.

This year I aim to crack the one that got away in 2011 – the elusive Habanero Chocolate! I planted eleven varieties last year, and these were the only one’s that never got past germination. I am DETERMINED to grow these this year!! The closest rare variety that I previously grew were the epic Fatalii, which have similar growing requirements needed to survive, so I know that it is possible to do in my Irish climate. It will be a long growing period but from the very start I intend to keep optimal conditions to nurture them towards the harvest of their very impressive pods that are packed with a ferocious heat. I will not be defeated!

I also want to grow Chilli bushes which i think will look very cool. Once the seedlings are ready to plant out into big pots, I’ll put three or four in together in some decorative pots that I have and prune them as they grow.

As this will be my first full year with a blog I want to provide high quality regular posts that interest people and show the full process of growing Chillies at home as well as trade knowledge with others that are inclined to grow and/or cook their own food. I want to inspire and be inspired by like minded people and am always open to ideas.  Last year Vered from Eat Know Talk Later suggested that I try and sell some of my Chillies at a local market so that is something I will pursue come Summer.

I will be planting the rare seeds in one weeks time and the rest on the first weekend of February – boom.

All the best to you all in 2012 – Year of the Chilli.

Chilli Ninja

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2 thoughts on “2012 – year of the Chilli

  1. Astra says:

    This year is going to be brilliant and I’m sure you’ll have huge success again with the chilli growing, especially the chocolate habanero. Love that picture at the top btw – just brilliant!

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