New Growth – A tip of the cap to 2011

New Growing Season

It’s really is Spring time, yay! The sun has been out here all week and it is light when we both get home from work now. I can’t wait until we are able to potter around in the garden in the evenings again. With all my prepartaion done all an Irish Chilli grower needs is the sun to shine (it does actually happen more than you may think) and bring my windowsills to life.

These guys have done me proud. I wrote a post recently about a few plants I decided to over winter and so far, I’ve had mixed but overall positive results. This first picture is a Culinary Thai that germinated perfectly and went through the whole growing process in 2011 but stayed quite stunted and didn’t produce any fruit. This year it already looks far healthier with bright new leaves sprouting out from all angles. It still looks a bit lanky but that is a bit of a byproduct of last year – I believe in it to produce the goods this year! I talk to this plant far too much though.

New Chilli Growth

The other four plants I pruned right back to the bare stalk and so far all apart from the Filius Blue are showing signs of re growth. I was surprised at this because they were so prolific last year. They are now reduced to 3 brittle twigs sticking up from the soil as you can see and are destined for the compost this weekend.

Of the ones that are ‘re growing’ there doesn’t seem to be any particular pattern – there is just the obvious need for sprouting new leaves. So far it’s an interesting experiment and I’ll be very impressed if these dude produce Chillies mark 2.

New Chilli Growth

I won’t waste too much energy on these as I have new Chillies to grow! I’m just going to keep watering them, make sure they get plenty of good sunlight and see where they go.

I’m quiet intrigued to hear of your over wintering stories or opinions on re growing your best plants. Chilli Ninja

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8 thoughts on “New Growth – A tip of the cap to 2011

  1. Astra says:

    Im interested to see how the yield of these ‘survivors’ compares to the new plants, my vote is for the survivors :)

    • Chilli Ninja says:

      Yes I’m very intrigued to see if they go through the whole process again and produce fruit at the end. Nice to see that you have faith in the ‘survivors’ :)

  2. These look great., will be good seeing what fruit they produce, am definately going to try this.
    Cheers for the link.

    • Chilli Ninja says:

      Thanks Marcus. It’s great when you get a few strong plants that brave the winter and come out the other side. Let me know how yours get on when you try it.

  3. Bridget Foy says:

    It’s always good to experiment in the garden…love it! My chillies are up.

  4. My vote is for the survivors as well :p I hope they produce this year!

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