Homemade Windowsill Trays

(First of all sorry to my email subscribers if you got a broken link or a link to this post twice – Whilst writing this I accidently hit publish instead of save draft, oops!)

This weekend I decided to cross off one of my much needed jobs of making something to put my seedlings that line my windowsills into. Its one of the downfalls that any indoor gardener will know that you are regularly transporting multiple seed trays to and from the windowsill as the day turns into evening. Some people may leave them on the sills or have their own system but I prefer to take them down into the room where it is hotter at night. The other issue is when you water them it can be quite messy and you don’t have the freedom to just spray water everywhere as you do in a greenhouse for example.

I’ve had an idea in my head for quite a while of a bit of apparatus that solves both problems. Now you can buy plastic ‘trays’ for this purpose but if you have been following my blog for a while you will know that that doesn’t appeal to my thrifty nature. I much prefer to make something from what I’ve got around me, after all I’ve got a garage with lots of wood off cuts and a tool collection that is getting very respectable.

A few months ago my wife acquired a few old bread boards from a local baker who was throwing them out, and they have been very useful for a few of her projects. As I looked around for inspiration I spotted there was one tray left and my eyes lit up! It was exactly what I was after if I could cut it properly.

I main idea was to make a tray with a lip around it that the seed trays sit into, enabling me to lift multiple items at once and it would also stop water spilling out and making a mess.

I measured the width of  my standard 6 seed tray and it worked out that I could cut this board into three – giving me space to hold 4 seed trays in each wooden tray (so a maximum capacity of 12 seed trays altogether which is perfect).

After cutting the board into 3 I cut 4 other strips of wood which I then screwed where needed so that all trays had a lip around them. This also acted as a useful way to tighten everything together again.

I now had 3 rustic wooden trays for my windowsill Chillies and they looked exactly how I wanted them to, and not often that happens I find when you are working with random materials.

All that was left was to line them with a plastic to catch the water – I cut a bit of plastic left over from repairing our greenhouse so that it snuggly sat inside the wooden tray and the job was complete. I’m really happy with these and it’s going to make my indoor Chillies so much more manageable and enjoyable to grow.

Do any of you have your own version of these trays or have you a different approach to growing indoors, as always I’d love to hear your thoughts. Chilli Ninja

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8 thoughts on “Homemade Windowsill Trays

  1. Bridget Foy says:

    My chillies are residing in a little heated propogator I bought at Lidl.

  2. Chilli Ninja says:

    That’s great Bridget, I hope they are getting on well! The sun is certainly taking its time in coming out here in Ireland eh! Looking forward to nice prolonged sunny spell.

  3. Oh if only I was any good at such carpentry! I’m also not especially good with getting from seed to plant, but your blog reminds me I really should give it another go….

  4. Ooooh I do like those trays, very stylish indeed. I agree, much nicer than the plastic type ones. I admit, I have a wooden tray but it’s a posh shop one, I would love to be able to make my own although I’d probably saw a finger off!

    • Chilli Ninja says:

      Lol! Don’t be doing that now Karen :) your fingers are too precious as they are needed in your brilliant small holding. I’m not much of a carpenter myself, and I think I got a bit lucky with how well these turned out, but I do always like to have a go at making things.

  5. Astra says:

    They turned out brilliant! Clever idea, I had to pin it :)

  6. Chilli Ninja says:

    Thanks Astra!! really happy with them.

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