Back with a vengeance.

Hi. First of all I want to sincerely apologise to the folks that visit my blog, have commented in the past and even blog listed me – making it a really lovely experience. Since starting this blog last year I have loved writing about my experiences as a Chilli grower, and ‘met’ so many cool like minded people.

I’m sorry that I haven’t been blogging for a while, I feel like I need to explain:

As you can see the last post was about planting out my new seedlings and all was going great. However, I went away for a week and came back to a disaster zone. My chillies were completely overrun by aphids! I couldn’t believe it after one week!! I was worried that they may dry out a bit but never completely infested by these pests. The life was sucked out of most of my plants, the leaves were drooping and there were aphids on the entire surface area of 3 plants. I was distraught (not to be too dramatic) because as anyone who grows things knows that you get so much joy from it and it’s great when it’s the height of the summer and you start to reap the benefits with yields of home grown produce.

I decided to take it on the chin and save whatever I could and I got a few, after painstakingly getting rid all the aphids and repotted them. I was proud and back on track. However, a few weeks later Cara my cat lived up to her seed destroyer reputation, except this time managed to take on fully grown plants and won. She must have been chasing a fly and knocked down all my remaining chillies and then later scratched all through them. This time it was over.

I was so annoyed at the bad luck I had this year so I decided to call it a day at that moment, put it down to experience and to start a fresh at the end of the year.

So…. up to this point I needed to take a short break from growing my beloved chillies so the blog suffered a bit. I have missed it loads though, but I’m back!

I hope you forgive me – I’m raring to go again and since I have no over wintering to do this year I’ll devote my time to sprucing up the blog with more info and interesting spicy stuff :)

It’s great to be back!

Chilli Ninja.

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