New Season, New Babies, Seed Giveaways – Hello 2013!

2013 Chilli Seeds

Excitement is in the air in the Ninja household. This year is going to be a big one! In a couple of days I will be a father to my first child  – a little cute ninja boy :) I love growing Chillies as you know but really, women are amazing. They grow a new wee person and give birth to it, I’m so in awe of that fact.

So, this is it – I just received my new order of seeds today and I’m very excited. I have went for some favourites, some never fails and of course, as I love a challenge, some new exotic varieties!

If you have been following this blog closely you will know that last year was a disaster, growing wise and hence my posts suffered too. I have already posted about this so I won’t get into it again. This is a new year though with so many new possibilities, I have a new sense of enthusiasm!!

I am growing 9 varieties this year – Filius Blue, Jalapeno Early, Scotchbonnet Orange, Royal Black, Bird Eye, Poinsettia, Bulgarian Carrot and my nemesis the Habanero Chocolate. The first 3 I found to be perfectly suited to growing here in Ireland, with great yield and low maintenance over all. The next 4 are new varieties that I haven’t tried before but I’ve specifically chosen them because they’re great small to medium sized plants when mature, which is perfect for my current growing space.

For a couple of the larger plants I plan to convert one of my raised beds into a mini greenhouse with my crafty skills! I want to do this for 2 reasons. 1) To continue my experiment to find/create the optimum growing conditions in the Irish climate outside for hot chillies, to couple with the success that I’ve enjoyed with indoor growing. 2) So my house doesn’t turn into an amazonian rainforest of chillies!

Tomorrow I’ll be planting 6 seeds of each variety, I’ll keep them inside until germination and post about my progress as I go. Last year I had mixed success with hand germination on the tissue paper so this year, with the installation of our wood burner which creates a super warm living room, I’m going to plant them straight into soil and use good old fashioned heat.

Chilli Seed Giveaway

Chilli Seed Giveaway

This year I’m going to be giving away free chilli seeds to my Chilli Ninja followers! Whenever I order seeds it’s generally a minimum of around 40 seeds that come in each bag, I use between 6 and 12 at the very most (depending on the variety) so each year I have a large number left over. In the past I’ve kept them sensibly for next years growing season but I’ve found in a place like Ireland where the season is so short, in my experience you really need fresh seeds each year to give yourself the best chance of success.

So if you like the idea of getting some FREE chilli seeds, either to give it a go or to add to your seed collection please head over to my facebook page that I’ve just started up – Chilli Ninja and click like. The only other thing you need to do is to private message me your postal address, you can do that from the Facebook page too. I’ll be posting them all out by next weekend. I love to do a swap too with any fellow growers out there! *EDIT – ALL SEEDS GONE NOW TO VARIOUS LOVELY CHILLI FANS – SORRY!

Spring is well and truly on it’s way :)

Chilli Ninja.

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6 thoughts on “New Season, New Babies, Seed Giveaways – Hello 2013!

  1. A baby! Lovely news! Best of luck and congratulations to both of you, time flies so fast so enjoy every little moment x

  2. I have left a couple of blog awards for you over at my blog. Don’t worry too much if you don’t wish to play along with the rules of these things.

    • Chilli Ninja says:

      Thank you so much Karen! I will put the award post up later in the week as I have one already drafted up for tomorrow :) I really appreciate your recognition of my wee blog.

  3. You’re very welcome! No need to, in fact….you probably have your hands full right now ;) I hope all is well with mum and baby!

    • Chilli Ninja says:

      Thanks Karen. Yes all is well with them both, our son is now 3 weeks old and he is 10 pounds 5, so he’s growing well and my wife and I are so happy :) I will get round to doing your award post soon I promise :)

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