Seedlings Update part 1!

2013 Seedlings

Yay!!! Exactly 2 weeks after planting all my seeds, the first seedlings emerged yesterday! This is how one looked today after two long days of hot Spring sunshine beaming down on it. I’m quite amazed, because I haven’t seen such a transformation of just peaking through the soil to almost standing up straight in a matter of days. I have however, taken to extra lengths this year in ensuring a more constant temperature around them and it is obviously showing its benefits quite early on.

These Chillies are getting great heat throughout the day on my living room windowsill, were I water them (not too much) with warm water once a day. Also the living room hardly drops in temperature at night which is great and goes a long way to keep that steady heat for optimal growing conditions at this early stage.

As of today I have 4 Bird Eye, 1 Jalapeno & 3 Scotch Bonnet all emerging 14 days after sowing – very pleased :) I expect a good few weeks to pass though before most of the varieties are up because I’ve sown such a wide variety.

I’m going to do a few brief posts like this as my seedlings grow so as to illustrate an accurate timeframe of the germination process. I’d love to hear of how things are going with other growers, be it Chillies or otherwise.

Chilli Ninja

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2 thoughts on “Seedlings Update part 1!

  1. sardaukarr says:

    My first lemon drop chilli seedling has just popped up too :-)

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