Seedlings Update Part 2!

2013 Seedlings Part 2

Hey guys! Ok so a few days have passed from the first update and I promised a regular update on these particular seedlings. Check out the progress!!!! All are striving apart from my Numex Twilights, Royal Blacks & Apache but I’m sure they will come on very soon as I have a couple of shoots starting to show already.

2013 Seedlings Part 2

2013 Seedlings Part 2

I’m sure that this year has been my most successful germination period of all which is great because you always want to get better as time goes on. More progress pics coming soon – and by the looks of it, it won’t be long before my first post on planting out :)

Chilli Ninja

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2 thoughts on “Seedlings Update Part 2!

  1. Hello mate,
    good to see those chillies bursting to life, thinking I might be a bit late, haven’t sown any this year, might just buy a couple of plants in a couple of months

    • Chilli Ninja says:

      Hey Marcus! Thanks, I love seeing them standing proud. It is a brilliant time of the year with so much new life and re growth. It’s a pity you missed the early sowing but there still is time if you choose a low maintenance variety like Jalapeno, Filius Blue or Cayenne. You are only 2-3 weeks behind, you have time!!! :)

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