Drying Chillies For Culinary Uses

Chilli Ninja Chillies

A fantastic way to preserve your precious chillies, especially if you have lots of pods that need harvesting and you don’t want to waste them. It’s perfect, all you need to do is pick them and there are various common sense ways of drying them – you just need to choose one that suits you and your space. The most popular technique would be to string them together and hang them up, I’ve previously posted about this here.

After they have fully shriveled up  and look visibly dried out, I remove the stalks and just crush them in my hands or roughly chop them. I keep the seeds in as I like to eat all of the chilli but you can remove these if desired. They are now ready as a spicy accompaniment to add extra character to any meal.

Have you tried drying out chillies before or have a specific drying technique?

Chilli Ninja

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7 thoughts on “Drying Chillies For Culinary Uses

  1. Hey Chilli Ninja, I just found ur blog, its great. I grow chillies down south in Dublin. If we have a surplus we either freeze them with the stalks removed or dry them in a low oven and then put them in a blender to make minced chillies.

    • Chilli Ninja says:

      Hey! Thanks for your interest in my blog, I’ve been growing chillies in Ireland for a good while now and it is great whenever I hear of other people giving it a go here. Yes freezing is a great way to preserve them but I never used a blender on dry chillies that sounds very interesting. I might have to give that a go with this years batch!

  2. Hi Chilli Ninja, any pics of your chilli plants at the moment. Keen to see if the cold weather has hampered the growth here in Ireland. Mine are doing ok but not as fast growing as last year

    • Chilli Ninja says:

      Hi!! Sorry for the delay in responding! My Chillies are doing great – they thrived early Spring and the super 20+ degrees weather that we had a few weeks ago really helped them progress to were they should be. As you know the growing season is so short that sometimes it can be later in the year that we would like before it is warm enough to start sowing so it was great to get that burst of sun. New pics up of seedlings during April & May. Planting out pics coming soon, plus a Seaweed fertiliser that is a great growing tool. Love to see pics of your Chillies.

      • Hi. All chillies growing great here in Dublin. I planted most in the ground and tried some others in large buckets. The bucket ones didn’t grow as tall but are matching the ground ones for flower and chilli quantities. I’ll get some picks up soon.

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