Seedlings Update Part 3!

2013 Chilli Ninja Seedlings

Well, that was a busy month indeed. The North of Ireland had the biggest concentration on snow falling over a few days since 1963! It has been bitterly cold though and felt just like winter, so I have been scurrying around my garden this past few weeks trying to protect my early Spring growth whilst building various housings to help keep the cold snap away. My greenhouse got totally obliterated in severe winds that we had for a few days so that was also the end of an era for that old thing – I already have a nice shiny replacement though :)

So amidst all of that you would think that growing was at a minimum, well you would be wrong! As you can see my seedlings are flourishing under the protection of a nice warm house and sunny windowsill. Although we had the crazy weather, most days were bright and sunny too, weird eh?

Well almost all of my seeds have sprung to life with an exception of a few. My Apache’s didn’t do too well but apart from that I’m very happy on the progress as a whole. They are all around 1-2 inches in height and have their second leaves with some onto their third set. I’m really giving them a good amount of time to bed in to these little cells so that they are good and strong when I plant them out to the next stage.

Maturing Seedlings 3

Maturing Seedlings 2

I am going to leave these another week and then plant them out to medium size seed trays where they are sure to really start looking like proper little chilli plants. I can’t wait!!!!

I’d love you hear how any of you are doing so far this Spring. What are you growing?

Chilli Ninja

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4 thoughts on “Seedlings Update Part 3!

  1. Denis says:

    I’m growing Jalapenos, Carribean Yellow Scotch bonnets, Dorset Nagas, Chocolate Habaneros and Naga bhut jolokias. Just wondering how other people’s progress is with the Nagas, as mine are only about 2 1/2 – 3 inches tall, and I’m hoping they’l lexplode up soon with all this sun lately :D First year growing chillis, so fingers crossed.

    • Chilli Ninja says:

      Hi Denis!! Nice variety of Chillies that you are growing. Out of yours I’m growing Jalapenos and Chocolate Habaneros. Mine are doing great, they are all planted out a good few weeks ago and especially the Jalapenos are leading the way growth wise. Where are you located? I’d love to see some pics of your progress :)

  2. Denis says:

    Nice glad to hear it! Mine have doubled and tripled in size over the last month with the sun. I’ll try upload a few pics sometime soon. I’m in Kildare btw

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