Seedlings Update – Part 4

Firstly, I realise there has been a lull of Ninja posts so major apologies for that, but I have been very active in documenting my progress since the last post and I knew that I would get around to posting a good few in one go. So this is to carry on from my last seedling update.

My seeds progressed very well during April and May and I even managed to train my notoriously wrecker of a cat to leave them alone. After the snow we had great Spring weather which helped them on their way, doubling and tripling in leaf production and beyond. As you can see all varieties grew into nice little strong seedlings.

Chilli Ninja_Seedlings4a

Chilli Ninja_Seedlings4b

I have been keeping extra attention on my Chocolate Habanero seedlings as I’m determined to grow them successfully! Also they need serious heat firstly to grow then flourish, so I fashioned a propagator from an old recipe box that has a transparent lid and it worked a treat.

I did a slight rookie with the Chocolate Habaneros though – in my attempt to keep extreme heat on them at all times I didn’t provide quite enough oxygen for them which results in the soil never getting a chance to dry out. This creates white spots that emerge on the leafs which is irreversible. It’s ok though, I got them in time and all they needed was a bit of airing out at least once a day, but what I ended up doing was to wedge the lid open just a bit for circulation which worked perfectly.

I grew my Choc Hab’s both in the ‘propagator’ as well as out on their own and the results were clear to see – they fully benefited from the extra heat boost from the propagator and did far better than the other ones :)

So at that stage all of my seeds were looking good and strong except for the apache which I’m quite disappointed about but actually as far as germination to seedling rates go, this is far my best year.

Chilli Ninja.

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