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Chocolate Chilli Cake

My wife & I are doing a collaboration post today! She is the brilliant & lovely, A Journey to a Dream blog. Check it out if you would like to see her post on this recipe.

So, we decided to bake a delicious chocolate cake based on the recipe we used for our wedding cake earlier this year (she & her wee cousin William baked that one). The difference this time is, that we would be adding a Scotch Bonnet Chilli!

I always wanted to make Chilli chocolate and I thought since we have a fantastic cake recipe, why not merge the two. I have a lot of SB’s just ready to pick as late maturers so lately we have been looking for ways to use them. Apart from freezing & drying it is a great opportunity to experiment a bit in the kitchen by making some red hot homemade dishes.

These particular Scotch Bonnets are scorching so I would recommend using small amounts of them or use them in larger dishes like spicy hot pots, soups and meals like jambalaya & bolognese.

Right down to business!

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Chilli Ninja Bread

Bread Dough

A few days ago I made my version of Chilli bread with my wife’s lovely bread recipe. We make bread every week on Saturdays/Sundays instead of buying loaves from the shop all the time. Also, we find it so much more rewarding to bake our own bread.  Up until a couple of weeks ago Astra (my wife) had made all our fantastic range of breads on the regular – but recently she showed me how to do it and it’s surprising simple if you set aside the time to do it – which isn’t that much time anyway.

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