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Drying Chillies For Culinary Uses

Chilli Ninja Chillies

A fantastic way to preserve your precious chillies, especially if you have lots of pods that need harvesting and you don’t want to waste them. It’s perfect, all you need to do is pick them and there are various common sense ways of drying them – you just need to choose one that suits you and your space. The most popular technique would be to string them together and hang them up, I’ve previously posted about this here.

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Seedlings Update Part 2!

2013 Seedlings Part 2

Hey guys! Ok so a few days have passed from the first update and I promised a regular update on these particular seedlings. Check out the progress!!!! All are striving apart from my Numex Twilights, Royal Blacks & Apache but I’m sure they will come on very soon as I have a couple of shoots starting to show already.

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