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Seaweed Fertiliser – Give Your Chillies a Super Boost!

Seaweed Fertiliser is a magic weapon for growing not just chillies but anything really and popular in certain parts of Ireland. It is free, works better than anything you can buy, and you get a huge batch of it for very little work. The only thing you need to set aside… is time. It takes a month or so to ‘brew’ if you like. I normally give it at least 2 months and in the hotter weather it becomes even more potent as it ferments. So each year in very early Spring I head to the shore to one of our many local beautiful but freezing beaches (yes we have beaches here in Ireland – actually in the height of the summer I recommend Keel Beach, Achill Co. Mayo, you will be hard pressed to find a better beach in Europe) and fill up two large shopping bags with seaweed lying on the beach.


Next, I lay it out on the lawn and give it a super rinse to take away most of the salt. All you need then is to get yourself a big container or a couple of large buckets like I have done and put the seaweed in and fill it up with water, simple. I also like to rid my garden of any early nettles and mix that in two. Nettles also make an excellent fertiliser so it feels natural to use them together :)

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