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Seedlings Update – Part 4

Firstly, I realise there has been a lull of Ninja posts so major apologies for that, but I have been very active in documenting my progress since the last post and I knew that I would get around to posting a good few in one go. So this is to carry on from my last seedling update.

My seeds progressed very well during April and May and I even managed to train my notoriously wrecker of a cat to leave them alone. After the snow we had great Spring weather which helped them on their way, doubling and tripling in leaf production and beyond. As you can see all varieties grew into nice little strong seedlings.

Chilli Ninja_Seedlings4a

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Seedlings Update part 1!

2013 Seedlings

Yay!!! Exactly 2 weeks after planting all my seeds, the first seedlings emerged yesterday! This is how one looked today after two long days of hot Spring sunshine beaming down on it. I’m quite amazed, because I haven’t seen such a transformation of just peaking through the soil to almost standing up straight in a matter of days. I have however, taken to extra lengths this year in ensuring a more constant temperature around them and it is obviously showing its benefits quite early on.

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